Monday, May 02, 2016

Blog Prompt: Bystanders to Online Abuse

A number of you have been posting about the topics danah boyd takes up in her book It's Complicated. I was in particular struck by the posts Ashlee, Kat, Bianca and Stephanie wrote about privacy and social media. But I am surprised that no one from class has yet posted on the topic of cyberbullying. If anything, concerns about online abuse and bullying have become even more pronounced since boyd did the original research for her book.

So, in the interest of sparking a conversation about this topic, I want to share with you an opinion piece for The Guardian, "Online Abuse: We need Good Samaritans on the Web," written by a former student of mine, Carrie Rentschler, who teaches at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. It is on the problem of bystanders who witness but do nothing about online abuse. Please post your reactions to this piece sometime in the next week. I am very curious about what you think.

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