Monday, April 06, 2015

Blog Prompt #1

Blog Prompt #1.
For your first blog post I'd like you to write your own personal reaction to one of the following interviews -- conducted by Rebecca Blood-- in which notable bloggers discuss how and why they blog.
Bruce Schneier [01/07]
Megan Reardon [ 04/06 ]
Fred First [ 05/06 ]
Jason Kottke [ 08/06 ]
Tiffany B. Brown [ 08/06 ]
Scott Rosenberg [ 10/06 ]
More "bloggers on blogging" profiles can be found online at Rebecca's Pocket.
I look forward to reading your entries.

And if you are just aching to read more about blogs, here are some links to leading "blogs about blogging." Enjoy. 

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Varieties of blogs

There are many different genres of blog. Here are some of the principal ones:

1. Filterblog-- Record interesting links the author finds surfing the web and sometimes annotates them. Example: Robot Wisdom
2. Personal blogs/online diaries-- Articulates an individual's perspective on daily life, relationships, culture, society, politics and everything. Example: Dooce, Ye Olde London Blog
3. Topic blogs-- Solo or multi-authored blogs devoted to a particular subject or hobby (e.g. politics, painting, copyright law, web design, etc.): Example: Crooked Timber
4. V-blogs-- Can fit into any of the above genres but makes use of embedded video instead of text as a means of expression. Example: Steve Garfield's Video Blog