Wednesday, April 01, 2015

This April Fools' Day Blog Post from WordPress is hilarious....

This April Fools' Day post from WordPress is hilarious, at least by the standards of most blogging-related humor. Enjoy: 
Here at, we‘re always looking for ways to improve the blogging experience. We pride ourselves on taking your suggestions to heart and work tirelessly to create better tools for you.
Today, we’re releasing a game changer.
As becomes easier to use, one piece of unanswered feedback keeps nagging at us: blogging is hard! Not only do you have to think of something worth saying, you have to take valuable time out of your day to write those things down in an appealing, easy-to-read way! Improvements to can speed up things like load times, but we simply couldn’t remove human nature from the equation… until now.

What is AutoMatton?

AutoMatton uses a simple machine learning algorithm to predict the posts that you will write, taking predictive text and auto-correct to the next level.

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All about Wikis

Here's a nice example of an educational use for a wiki.

Varieties of blogs

There are many different genres of blog. Here are some of the principal ones:

1. Filterblog-- Record interesting links the author finds surfing the web and sometimes annotates them. Example: Robot Wisdom

2. Personal blogs/online diaries-- Articulates an individual's perspective on daily life, relationships, culture, society, politics and everything. Example: Dooce, Ye Olde London Blog
3. Topic blogs-- Solo or multi-authored blogs devoted to a particular subject or hobby (e.g. politics, painting, copyright law, web design, etc.): Example: Crooked Timber
4. V-blogs-- Can fit into any of the above genres but makes use of embedded video instead of text as a means of expression. Example: Steve Garfield's Video Blog