Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Complete, pre-fab designs:
Free skeletal designs:
Finally, if you work with Adobe Dreamweaver, you'll find it comes with a number of different easy to use templates. When you start up the program, just click on the "Create from Sample" option:

Hitler Reacts to the DMCA

Despite the salty language, this Downfall parody makes an important point about the real state of copyright in the wake of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is also pretty funny:

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Blog Prompt: Solutions to Cyber-Bullying?

As I explained in class last time, the media is full of stories about cyber-bullying and its sometimes tragic effects. One story that grabbed the public's attention two years ago was the case of Amanda Todd, a 15-year old Canadian who committed suicide after being harassed and bullied online (and in person). You can watch the video she posted shortly before her death that explains her story below. Stories like Todd's have caused schools to adopt "zero tolerance" policies towards online bullying. Yet Danah Boyd argues that such policies do more harm than good.
Approaching bullying from a punishment-oriented perspective, as many schools do-- and are increasingly legally required to do-- rarely helps with bullying situations. and parent involvement worsens the situation because the adults involved do not understand the details. If young people believe that adults will overreact or won't understand the complexities of the interpersonal dynamics, they aren't particularly interested in conveying the challenges they're facing.
What do you think should be done to address the issue of online bullying? Is immediate, strict punishment the solution? Or does such punishment only add to the "drama"? Write a blog post discussing this messy problem and possible solutions to it.