Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blog Prompt #2: Addicted to Google?

This week, we're studying the central role that Google plays in people's online lives. We use the company's search engine to find information for homework assignments, to check our spelling, to check our symptoms when we're feeling sick, to find directions to restaurants and to find out friends' phone numbers. We use their video sharing service YouTube to fritter away hours watching videos of cats on skateboards and mash-ups of our favorite TV shows. And some of us even use Google Docs to write our papers, Google Hangout to engage in live video conferencing and Google Calendar to organize our lives. This raises a key question: Does Google have too much power over our lives? Are we addicted to Google? And, if so, does the Googlization of our lives  endanger our privacy or our independence in important ways (as some critics suggest)? Write a blog post-- on Blogger, another Google property-- reflecting on these questions. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the subject....

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Blog Prompt #1.

Blog Prompt #1.
For your first blog post I'd like you to write your own personal reaction to one of the following interviews -- conducted by Rebecca Blood-- in which notable bloggers discuss how and why they blog.
Bruce Schneier [01/07]
Megan Reardon [ 04/06 ]
Fred First [ 05/06 ]
Jason Kottke [ 08/06 ]
Tiffany B. Brown [ 08/06 ]
Scott Rosenberg [ 10/06 ]
More "bloggers on blogging" profiles can be found online at Rebecca's Pocket.
I look forward to reading your entries.

And if you are just aching to read more about blogs, here are some links to leading "blogs about blogging." Enjoy. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Free Web Page Templates

Complete, pre-fab designs:
Free skeletal designs:
Finally, if you work with Adobe Dreamweaver, you'll find it comes with a number of different easy to use templates. When you start up the program, just click on the "Create from Sample" option: